Hi Everyone Welcome to my guestbook, feel free to leave any comments about the site or info on how i might be able to improve the site or just to say HI! You can leave any type of message, to old friends who might be out there look at this site, or just make a comment on a photo on a page just Click on.... Sign my Guestbook & leave your comments. All you have to do is put a name in the box and leave a comment in the comment box, you do not! have to fill in EMAIL or HOMEPAGE or COUNTRY boxes, these are optional, then type the verification characters and click Post Message and it will be posted up on the site. Hope this feature works ok on the site as it will be great to speak to old friends & to reminisce etc. I will try to make a chat room to this site in the near future, so people on the site will be able to chat to each other.


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