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Hi Everyone, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dizzy and I have wanted to build for sometime a website dedicated to my favourite old haunt - The Highwayman. I thought that it is fitting, that this website should go online on 30th May 2007, 4 years to-the-day the Highwyaman held it's final rock night.

Over the years I have built up a huge collection of photos of the place and its famous (or infamous) characters. So rather than letting them sit in a box in the loft any longer, I decided to put them all online for all to see. Don't worry, there's nothing incriminating!!

Apart from giving you all the opportunity to have a laugh and reminesce about the good old days plus a look at all that hairspray, eye-liner, lip-stick and spandex (and that's just the guys) lol. I want this site to evolve and be a place where you have the opportunity to catch up with old buddies, share tales and upload any of your photos of the nights you spent at the 'wayman'.

I hope you enjoy having a look around. I hope it brings back a few good memories. Please remember that the pictures are all just for fun to give us a laugh and reminise. But if there are any pictures you're unhappy about, please drop me an email. I can always change pictures to protect the innocent as well as the guilty! lol



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