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   Video-01                Outside of The Highwayman                                 

   Video-02             The Beer garden


      Video-03             Home sweet home  



   Video-05                   The Highwayman Dancer ( AKA THE WEAPON! )

      Video-06                        Jilly Dance Floor 2008

   Video-07          Winking man..... near leek

   Video-08               Another Winking man video
                              so you can see what type of songs they play.

    Video-09           compilation of photos to Music Added-08-12-2008

Video Footage of outside the Highwayman April 2012

A Walk Round inside video shot july 2012

 Go here to download video code to play these videos

you will see this...Download [ Windows Media Format 11 Runtime on download and instal file

These video files are in wmv format which should play on all pc as its Microsoft made video file, but if people are having problems playing them let me know, because i might put the video file up here as a flv which is a flash video file, the same as Youtube use. so email me and let me know if they play or if you have any problems.


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